Follow the Energy

Sunday, February 17, 2013
“Follow the Energy,” Chris Kaufman

“Light, heat, electricity, magnetism, chemism, energy and matter are –in origin, nature, and destiny—one and the same thing, together with other material realities as yet undiscovered…

We do not fully comprehend the almost endless changes to which physical energy may be subject.  In one universe it appears as light, in another as light plus heat, in another as forms of energy unknown [here]; in untold millions of years it may reappear as some form of restless, surging electrical energy or magnetic power; and still later on it may again appear in a subsequent universe as some form of variable matter going through a serious of metamorphoses, to be followed by its outward physical disappearance in some great cataclysm of the realms.  And then, after countless ages and almost endless wandering through numberless universes, again may this same energy re-emerge and many times change its form and potential; and so do these transformations continue through successive ages and through countless realms.  Thus matter sweeps on, undergoing the transmutations of time but swinging ever true to the circle of eternity; even if long prevented from returning to its source, it is ever responsive thereto, and it ever proceeds in the path ordained by the Infinite Personality who sent it forth.”                      –The Urantia Book, p. 472

I want to talk to you today about energy therapy or energy work, particularly Healing Touch, which is a version of it that comes through nursing.  Energy healing is an area that is little understood and very little valued in the local medical community though it is practiced in hospitals and many settings elsewhere in this country and around the world.

It is a technique in which a practitioner uses light touch or no touch to clear, balance and support a person’s energy system to promote self-healing of the person’s body, mind and spirit.  It is a complementary therapy that can be used in conjunction with traditional medical therapies and does not contradict them or seek to minimize them.

Each of us operates in large part through electrical energy; our muscles contract through electrical activity, particularly the heart muscle (so that a pacemaker can replace that electrical stimulus if we can’t produce it ourselves) neurons firing in our nervous systems create an electrical charge as they fire.

All this activity creates an electromagnetic field around each of us that we can evaluate:

Energy workers learn how to assess that energy with our hands, feeling for changes in the shape, density or temperature.

When we are injured or have an illness the energy that you emit is disturbed and what we do is assess that field and supply particular techniques to rebalance the energy and clear the blocked energy areas.  Among other things it has a biofeedback effect so that people feel better, it supports the immune system, reduces pain, enhances recovery from surgery or injury, relieves stress and anxiety, and on and on.  What it really does is help a person mobilize their own natural healing abilities. We complete the circuit of energy through the person and through ourselves to promote a balancing them and to clear blockages.  Put most simply, energy work assesses the field and smoothes it out, which has a biofeedback effect to support the person’s self-healing.

We all do this automatically.  You bump your knee and grab it with both hands.  You’re using your own natural healing energy to make it feel better. The same thing happens when you kiss the boo-boo to make it better.   You’re also very likely responding to a person’s negative energy when there’s someone you don’t want to be around or a place that doesn’t feel right to you.  Trust those messages from your intuition.   “The vibes” really exist.

As you know, there’s a long history of healing hands and it is present in many cultures from the dawn of earth time.

Working with clients, it is a privileged space to enter and it’s important that the practitioner’s intention is for the good.   I’ve worked with people having surgery, with chronic illness, with injuries, with depression and anxiety and think the world would benefit from having this knowledge available everywhere, in  your household, every medical facility, every prison, every hospice, every preschool, every recovery room.   Though the training process I have been through and will continue is rigorous and carefully monitored the process is actually so easy and accessible and part of our instinct that is should be everywhere.

There’s qualitative research data being produces and some quantitative but we don’t really know exactly how it works and I think that’s partly because we don’t have the ability to perceive all the dimensions that are being accessed due to our own creature limitations.  Our vision, for example, can perceive one octave of about ten octaves of light emanations (ultraviolet, infrared, X-rays).  We can hear pretty well, but you know there are those whales at this end of the spectrum and those dog whistles at the other that we simply can’t perceive.  So it is with our intellect and our spirit consciousness.  I’m fully convinced that there are other dimensions themselves that we are unable to perceive or access with our limited apparatus.  (Which leads me to the conclusion that human beings are the crown of creation aren’t paying attention and are just foolish.)

Which is where science comes in.  (Tasha Dunn and I are “blinding you with science” this month.)    I’ve been a minor science geek since my teens when I discovered exobiology- which is the science of life forms on other planets.  There is No DATA and it’s purely speculative.  In the meantime movies and television have examined the permutations in every direction to my delight.  Star Trek, Star Wars, the new Battlestar Gallactica, Dr. Who, 3rd rock from the sun, Farscape, 2001, 2010, etc. in terror, sometimes in beauty.  An early star trek that posited life forms based on silicon instead of carbon literally blew my mind and I have never since recovered.  I’m very grateful for that mind expansion.

In early 70’s learned about a young astronomer named Carl Sagan (who had not decided to be famous yet) and who was studying these very things and found out he’d written a book with a Russian physicist I early 70’s in the middle of the cold war, imagine that (talk about knowledge breaking down barriers).

I had a hard time locating the book through a local university library, finally got it, opened it with great excitement and it was incomprehensible because it was all mathematics.  As a DD friend of mine used to say; “buddo-know.”  But here and there was something I could understand like: it’s not possible to send humans out to explore the universe because we wouldn’t live along enough and we don’t know how to get there but it would be practical to send an unmanned probe instead which was a revolutionary idea.  And forty years later here we are on Mars with the lovely CURIOSITY probe and we’re looking at Martian dirt, also looking closely at the rings of Saturn and Jupiter’s moons and an early probe recently left the solar system and is out there where the truth is (if you are an X-Files fan).

And the telescopes like good-old Hubble and the the newer ones bring us gorgeous pictures of the glories of the universe, panoramas of biblical proportion; galaxies, gas plumes, black holes, supernovas.  The truth is out there all right and we’re just starting in our primitive way, to access gorgeous and enormously destructive energies beyond what we can perceive with our senses and intellects.   (By the way, you may want to put April 2029 on your calendar because we’re going to NEED Bruce Willis to deal with the BIG asteroid that will intersect our planet at that time.  Not breaking the windows big, but killing the dinosaurs big.)

That’s all on the relativity side, the universal, large, the macro.  Now what about the tiny side, the quantum side, the micro side.  You know that the action is heating up there, too.    The new huge particle accelerators like the one in Switzerland have permitted DISCOVERY of sub=sub=sub atomic particles and bosons and bosonino’s and things that don’t exist until you measure them.  It seems that for every particle there exists theoretically an opposite equal particle somewhere or somewhen else that may in fact be part of another dimension.  There may be up to twelve of those dimensions, so far….that what happens here is connected to everywhere and everywhen else at the same time.  It does make my brain hurt sometimes.

The implication for Healing Touch is that if I set the intention for a Healing Touch session to affect someone who is not physically in my presence that it will have a the desired effect on the person because of the quantum nature of energy, particle, wave, whatever.   I have done this and did one two days ago. I have done distance treatments to people across town, in California, Tennessee, London.  I set the intention of putting them on my treatment table and they are there.  I can assess them.  I can do a treatment and feel the movement of energy, assess them again and there’s a change.  They experience it and report results.

To go a step further and at the risk of sounding completely insane, I recently did a treatment in time as well; I did a distance treatment during the day and set the time of delivery as 2 am in the time zone in which the person was.   The person experienced positive benefit.  “Buddo-know.”  Bob Ryder said that he was too educated to believe in magic.  I know I’m not educated enough to understand mystery like that.  But I’m getting more comfortable with it.

How does this relate to spirituality?  I think Dave Hirst hit it two weeks ago when he responded to Christy Cataldo’s reflection when he posited that the force at the basis of subatomic particles may be Love (in any of its million definitions).

It may be that as we develop our scientific ability to perceive through technological advances in both directions; both to the minute to the universal we may learn that LOVE is the glue -from the subatomic particle, a hyper-miniscule quantum of energy, to a supernova of unimaginable immensity and everything in between, which includes us.  What a great insight.

So in that respect I don’t see a conflict between spirituality and science.  It could all be the same thing.  We just may not “know” it yet it ways that satisfy our intellect or our spirit.

And so if I should happen to feel or sense the presence of guides or angels or something More in the midst of a Healing Touch session who’s to say that we’re not experiencing God on some subatomic level that we can’t perceive.  it is coming to be my belief  that when we set our intention on compassion that we can actively participate in a piece of God if not “THE” peace of God.  That level may be revealed to our limited vision and intellect in some way.  We may catch a glimpse. Or we may not, which is all right too.  I’m getting less attached to the outcome.  But I do want to align with the good and the loving and the compassionate and the healing.  I find it consoling that we are all right whether we know it or not and that the Force IS with us.  Amen and amen.