Easter Sunday: Light in the Darkness

  I tuned in to last Sunday’s service and listened to Rev. Jim Bortell speak about his memories of[…]

A Lenten Paradox: Allowing vs. Engaging

As we continue to move through the weeks of Lent, there’s nothing like a bit of trivia to keep[…]

Unhoused Persons and Vulnerability: Theirs and Ours

When I lived in Louisville I was in a unique neighborhood.   It’s called Old Louisville and is comprised of[…]

We Are the Champions: Green Victories

I have a friend whose elderly father calls California the land of fruits and nuts. And he’s not talking[…]

Lead Like Harriet, Fight Like Malcolm

I saw a sign in someone’s yard recently that said “All Lives Matter.” It reminded me of a situation,[…]

Love is Like a Box of Chocolates

We’re talking about love today, in honor of our monthly theme of love, and Valentine’s Day coming up.  In[…]

The Martin We Know and Might Have Known

As is often the case with people who are known publicly, there is the side that we don’t know[…]

Remembering: Those Who Have Gone Before Us in 2023

The year began with the House Speaker votes being taken over and over, with the newly elected victor only[…]

The Wonder of Incarnation

On a recent Christmas Eve morning, writer Vance Morgan noticed that a Facebook friend had posted a poll posing[…]

Solstice Darkness

Today we’re celebrating Winter Solstice, so I thought we’d start with two fun Solstice-themed tidbits….one grammatical and one historical.[…]

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