The Jim and Gwen Pruyne Lectureship in Progressive Christianity was founded by New Covenant Community in 2010 to honor the Pruynes’ more than half a century of campus ministry and advocacy of progressive theology. More than $50,000 was raised to support the Lectureship, thanks to generous donations from members of New Covenant Community, the congregation founded by Jim in 1992, as well as from friends of the Pruynes from around the world.

At a time when fundamentalist theology dominates the media and the public square, we intend to offer an alternative vision of Christianity: inclusive, compassionate, and open to contemporary scholarship. Lectureship programs offered so far include Rev. Dr. Robin Meyers in October, 2010, the Interfaith Amigos in April, 2012, Sister Simone Campbell in November, 2013, a Jesus Seminar on the Road event in April, 2015, Brian McLaren in September 2016, and another Jesus Seminar on the Road event in September 2018 – The Political Jesus.

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