From Dandelions to Daisies: Celebrating Flower Communion

The Flower Communion service which we celebrate today has been a tradition for over a century, and is celebrated[…]

To Savor or to Save the World?

  Many of us come from very divergent ethnic backgrounds.  Within our own lives and bodies we become a[…]

Vincent’s Creativity, on Canvas and In Life

  I completed my bachelor of social work degree in Kansas City several decades ago and I remember having[…]

You Love What You Know: Hearing Mother Earth

Council of All Beings Our message will come in a different form this morning.  Today we will have the[…]

Of Praise and Belonging: Earth Day Prayers

I recently saw an interview with Starhawk, the famed author and ecofeminist. In this clip she was talking about[…]

Resisting Faith’s (Un)Certainty

  One of the delights of being a congregational minister is that sometimes you are the recipient of interesting[…]

Easter Sunday: Light in the Darkness

  I tuned in to last Sunday’s service and listened to Rev. Jim Bortell speak about his memories of[…]

A Lenten Paradox: Allowing vs. Engaging

As we continue to move through the weeks of Lent, there’s nothing like a bit of trivia to keep[…]

Unhoused Persons and Vulnerability: Theirs and Ours

When I lived in Louisville I was in a unique neighborhood.   It’s called Old Louisville and is comprised of[…]

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