Stand For Love

Revs. Bob and Susan Ryder signed the following statement with full approval and support of the Steering Committee:

As a teaching elder in the PCUSA, I have married or am willing to publicly marry same gender couples in my pastoral role, in obedience to my ordination vow to “show the love and justice of Jesus Christ.” Respecting the conscience of fellow Presbyterians, I accept the consequences of this declaration, including the provisions of discipline in our Book of Order.

The “Stand For Love” statement came from More Light Presbyterians – inviting clergy to “come out” publicly stating their willingness to marry same gender couples. The videos posted on Sept. 27 below help further explain how this movement originated at the 22oth General Assembly this past July.

Bob and Susan are currently the only clergy within the Presbytery of Great Rivers to have done so thus far.  Hopefully more will follow their lead. If you are a PCUSA minister, active or retired, you are invited to sign the statement as well.

Add your name to this statement – CLERGY

If you were ever ordained in the PCUSA as an elder (you don’t have to be actively serving on a session), you are invited to sign the following statement:

As a ruling elder, I publicly affirm the choice of teaching elders to perform same gender marriages, in accordance with their ordination vows.

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  1. Patrick Evans says

    Thanks, Bob and Susan, for Standing for Love, and for inviting others to share in that work and witness!